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Alba Developments is a SPV (single purpose vehicle), established to develop, deliver and dispose land assets it holds in Scotland at Edmonstone in Edinburgh, Westfield in West Lothian and Gretna in Dumfries and Galloway.

The sites overall have current planning approval for c. 1500 units and we are in the process of sourcing developers interested in buying and building out plots or full phases at Edmonstone and Westfield.

Alba Developments brings together leading global business expert, Michael Burke as sole shareholder and director and Shane Tickelpenny as Managing Director.

Edmonstone Edinburgh

This rarely available, large strategically located residential development site in Edinburgh has detailed planning for 696 units.

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Gretna Dumfries and Galloway

The site, on the site of a former golf course has planning permission in principle for 200 residential units plus 1 Ha (2.5 acres) of light commercial space.

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Westfield West Lothian

Westfield is a small village comprising 180 houses, with the development site located on what was the Westfield Paper mill. Detailed planning is in place for 550 units and the site has a gross area of c. 32 Ha. (80 acres).

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