West Lothian

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About Westfield

Westfield is a small village comprising 180 houses, with the development site located on what was the Westfield Paper mill, which was closed in 2002 and cleared in 2004.


Detailed planning consent was issued in 2010 after the signing of a section 75, with a commuted sum in lieu of affordable housing.

Linlithgow is 6 miles to the north east of the site and Falkirk is 10 miles to the north-west. Bathgate lies 4 miles to the south east and Armadale 4 miles south.

The settlement benefits from schooling at Westfield Primary and the highly desirable Linlithgow Academy, or at St Anthony’s Primary and St. Kentigern’s Academy.

The site is well served by road infrastructure, with both the M8 and M9 junctions within 6 miles.
A key feature of the site is the Logie Water and proposals involve significant elements of open space provision. These include a green corridor running through the site which it is intended will expand into a play area, new playing fields adjacent to the school and a series of smaller play areas throughout the site.

Travel Distance

Armadale train station 4.5 miles

Bathgate train station 4.7 miles

Junction 4 of M9 (Edinburgh-Stirling) 5.3 miles

Junction 4 of M8 (Glasgow-Edinburgh) 6 miles

Linlithgow train station 6 miles

Queensferry Crossing 15 miles

Edinburgh Airport 20 miles

Edinburgh City Centre 22 miles

Glasgow City Centre 25 miles

Glasgow Airport 33 miles


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